Youthful, beautiful skin is as far away as the fridge... try these delicious homemade spa recipes.

The benefits of all natural skincare is becoming accepted more and more.

Even mass production giants are getting into the act with their plant derived this and their organic that.

Regardless of how beautifully they package and how sleekly they advertise, one thing is for sure, there is very little magic in those bottles!

So where is the magic?

It is in homemade skin care. Homemade skin care is about as pure as you can get. Actually, you can control how pure it is with the ingredients that YOU choose.

However, I always have been a bit of a lazy girl, so transforming my kitchen into a skincare lab and making creams with water phases and oil phases and moon phases! or whatever, is waaay too hard for me.

That's why the recipes you find here are simple, some of them just 1 or 2 ingredients. And the ingredients are easy to find, most probably you have them in your fridge or pantry.

So if you're anything like me and the thought of your wooden spoon smelling like lavender and scraping beeswax from the inside of your best pot is too much to bear, take heart... it's easy and quick, if I can do it, anyone can!

These homemade spa recipes are fit for the ultimate day spa pampering. Make yourself a herbal tea and enjoy...